Dr. Noreen Mulvanerty

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Holistic Health & Wellness Professional



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Noreen Mulvanerty’s interest in herbal medicine began when she was a child making “cures” for her Mom from plants grown in her garden. From there, her interest in medicinal herbs led her to study plant medicine extensively. She then created Herbal Intervention, LLC, an herbal company that formulates, manufactures, and distributes organically grown and ethically wild crafted over the counter medicines. Omyst® is her first patented organic herbal healing first aid spray. Her practice at Castle Rockaway provides a holistic approach to health care. Noreen is determined to uncover root cause of imbalance, and design individual remedies and treatments to achieve optimal health.

Noreen has over thirty years of emergency medicine, urgent care, oncology, and primary health care experience. She earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Georgetown University and her post graduate certificate from the New York College of Health Professions in herbal medicine, nutrition, & AMMA® Therapy - a Chinese healing modality and apprenticed with world renowned Herbalist Susan Weed.




Herbal Intervention, LLC was founded in 2001, and began offering educational seminars to healthcare providers and pharmacists on the uses of herbal remedies as well as the safety and efficacy of incorporating herbs into practice. As Noreen was working in the ER suturing and treating thousands of cuts, burns, and bites, she was distressed to discover the leading topical application delayed wound healing; resulting in alarmingly high rates of virulent infections. After extensive research into indigenous healing herbs she created Omyst®, the first clinically demonstrated, fully patented, FDA compliant organic healing herbal first aid spray.